Wednesday, June 17, 2009

it's here already

I really can't believe it's time to go. By this time in the year, I'm usually longing to go. A few weeks ago this feeling hit me, the urban was getting on my nerves and the VA spring was calling. I'm pleased to say that I this year I've been busy and full-filled up to the point of departure. Certainly I feel that much of this comfort comes from knowing I get to go back there. Helen, Rowena and I went to see Goodbye Solo the other night. Throughout the entire film my heart was tempted by the JR Reynolds factories, peanut cafe, southern accents with a twist of the immigrant story. The final scene takes place in Boone, N.C., as the car with the protagonists wends towards the Blue Ridge, my heart was a flutter, it began to ache as the first patch of color burst on the trees and the familiar low stone guardrail of the Parkway emerges. I almost had to hold back a tear but instead I leaned over and whispered in to Ro's ear, "I grew up near those mountains," and I heard my echo as she passed my declaration on to Helen. It felt good to say it and even better that I knew I was leaving in 4 days to become part of the life of those mountains.

I hope to keep posts coming, though more sporadic as I'll be in the land of dial-up part of the time. My list of projects is a bit unrealistic - sewing a shirt and shorts for Eva, pants for Eli, interview parents, drive to Blackstone, VA to visit the historical society to see what information I can find on my grandparent's property and life of Ft. Pickett, run, yoga (solo), family portraiture, blog so on and so forth, all while parenting my children in other people's homes and doing all the activities like swimming in lakes, tubing down a river, picking peaches and visiting with a long list of folks. Hmmmm not sure how it'll work but here I go.

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