Sunday, August 09, 2009

can can

I'm feeling a bit sheepish how much Jan-time I've had this week. Yesterday was another Jan day, Eva went to a birthday party, Eli and Art to the Academy of Science and I to a canning class as part of their Self-Sufficient Kitchen courses offered this summer at the Studio for Urban Projects. Nicole Lobue was an energetic ambitious teacher with a background as an accomplished chef/caterer/herbalist that made the process easy. Her recipes chosen were so creative. There were approx. 20 of us, 4 burners, pots o'plenty and the smells to entice anyone in to the space from the street. Nicole picked up the freshest, best ingredients in town that morning at the Ferry Building farmers market. The list of projects, some completed and some still on the burner, literally, included poached/pickled purple cauliflower/red onion/herbs/vinegar
(say that one three times quickly), preserved blackberries in red wine syrup infused with rose-geranium, preserved strawberries in sherry, blackberry jam, whole tomatoes, grapefruit/sweet lime marmalade, nectarine/caramelized onion/smoked ancho chile chutney. Our hand were working, pot boiling, jars sterilizing and conversation flowing. I left loving this city, ready to can.

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  1. Send me any recipes that you like. The canning I've done is by reading a book so I'm never sure if I'm doing it right!

    I've loved making quick pickle. Yesterday I made quick pickled beets. I also have a jar sitting on my counter lacto-fermenting (recipe from the book you gave me). I'll let you know how they turnout.
    Quick pickle recipe: