Thursday, September 10, 2009

checking in with beloved blogs

After a rough day of sewing on Eli's little letter envelope that included tearing label after sewing, melting the acrylic Chinese material, shaky stitching altogether (see post Tuesday, August 18, 2009, crafting for girls), I checked in with a beloved blog,soulemama to see that she is at the final stages of a quilt. I know quilting is in, I know I'm jumping in to a trend but did I have to see one in it's final stages today? I have much to learn over this year about sewing, the craft of quilting and what's going to keep me on course are comments like this one from Eli as he looked over her very flawed letter envelope, "oh that (pointing to the place where the too hot iron melted the fabric) will remind of this day we made the bag." if he could always be in my fan club. I'm not going to be stopped by this day. Eva's reward for being second to get her bag sewn is that keeps telling Eli, "Mine will be better since mama will know how to sew better next time."

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