Sunday, September 13, 2009

quilting connection

a few weeks ago I was searching for a quilting/fabric shop in town. I saw that there appears to be a great little one out in the Sunset District called Peapod Fabrics . While searching their pages, I saw a woman from my church, Heather, photographed wearing an apron she'd just finished. (see heather: Today I saw her at church and we had the best conversations about quilts. she confirmed the store is an amazing source. the proprietor had helped her figure out what to do with some heirloom quilting pieces that her mother and grandmother had, some dating back to the 1800's. when I told her of my family quilt she got so excited and insisted I MUST finish the quilt and it dawned on me, of course, I'm part of the family and just the one to carry on the process. I even got weepy telling Heather my project idea. She's going to invite me to join her at one of her crafting nights. I love this process. She kept saying, "listen to you, you're a quilter just by the way you're thinking of the project." How much better does this get.

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