Sunday, September 27, 2009

eva's haircut

Eva's been longing to get a haircut. We cut 6 inches off the week before school but she was ready for a short cut. All week she's been begging for me to cut her hair as long as Eli's hair. I applaud the fact that she could care less what she looks like, and I  mean she truly doesn't. She wants to climb trees without hair in her eyes, who can blamer her, and she's tired of hair brushing and pinching braids. I told her I had short hair for 5 years as a little girl and I loved the freedom but did not like being called a boy all the time. This did not disuade her. I was feeling a little funny yesterday after a near panic attack after being caught in Saturday traffic, no less than 25 bad driving incidents and frutile errand running. When we sat down to play a round of Pass the Pigs, I realized it was perfect time to cut hair as Eli was at a birthday party. So I did it, once I made the first cut to the nape of her neck my stomach lurched. I also had to face something inside of me that I'm not completely proud of, that I loved her long hair, I loved seeing her big smile and her hair whipping around as she moved  about the world. Anyway, I cut and cut and cut and finally it was done. After I made a mental adjustment I could not take my eyes off my lovely girl. We went to see chamber music and I wanted to nibble her neck as it was do delicious looking on view. May I present the new Eva Gray.


  1. Oh, I LOVE it! There is something about newly-shorn hair that makes a child look all the more fresh-faced, and ever so slightly vulnerable. Formally obscured ears and jawlines and tender necks are suddenly exposed. Eva's full beauty is on display...

  2. It just occurred to me-- will Eva still be a kerchief-girl with her new haircut?

  3. syd - it'll come in handy when she wants to get the bangs + sides out of her face completely as she can no longer pull it back and it'll come in handy when the next wave of LICE hits the school. there is a definite downside to temperate weather, can't kill those buggers.