Wednesday, September 23, 2009


I've been thinking for a while about making Eva a kerchief/headband. I went through my fabulous stash of new sewing books and score, discovered a cute headband in Weekend Sewing I did a quick catch-up on and she was featuring a new Japanese sewing book called Carefree Clothes for Girls and when I followed the link they featured directions for a kerchief. Today I did a little mix-match on the ideas, I took the kerchief idea and blended it with the elastic under strap thinking about how difficult it would be for Eva to tie herself or at least how annoying. I did make it today - will post photo soon.


  1. Okay, I'm down with this and Eva somehow seems perfectly suited for the kerchief look, but you gotta explain to me what kind of kerchief requires a pattern...

  2. I hear ya sista, it's just that I was looking for a guideline and inspiration. I got about and hour or so to make the thing so going in with an idea of measurements helps. oh they are not patterns just directions on the order of steps. some of us are new sewers! I'll correct this on the posting.

  3. That makes sense. Littler heads need littler kerchiefs.