Thursday, September 03, 2009

hours in my space

The second day of school found me fleeing to my space. I'd have three hours to myself. I reviewed notes from my big day at the space and was ready for some preliminary research. My inspiration started with some photos taken over Christmas on the last few moments I was in my parents home which ended up being my last time there while my parents resided at 1344 Chatham Road. I had my F100, a roll of BW film and only 15 minutes before I was due to leave and join Art and the children at his mom's. When I looked through my lens at the rooms, they seemed so empty to me, why would I want a photo of a room, it seemed almost creepy. I started snapping photos of little reminders of home, the door knobs that can evoke the sound of someone entering a room, the screen door from the garage that only was in place in the summer but was banged 40 times a day as I went about my summer play, the contents of my dad's dresser top as I'd look at it during quiet moments while just "being" in my parent's room. The idea sounded great but when I saw the scans of the images I'd hoped they'd inspire a larger project for me but I was underwhelmed with their visual impact. As I spent my indulging day, I ended with the idea of making a quilt. As I've mourned my loss of a home to return to, I realized that it's not just the physical place I'll miss but the security that I felt when I was little and that my parents provided, the sound of them in the house, the place to take my children back to visit. I feel that a quilt will represent the feeling of safety and warmth I have for going home. I am in possession of our "family" quilt, albeit unfinished, that was made sometime in the late 1700's. The flax was grown on my dad's family property and family clothing used for the pattern. It was not until this was in my possession that I realized the weight of passing on a family heirloom.

Back to the specifics of the quilt ideas. That first day I dreamed of somehow incorporating the the photos in to the quilt by maybe a phototransfer method or printing the images on to material. Anyway, last week I left the space to spend some time at Borders looking at books. I looked through every crafting, sewing, quilting book they had to offer. I ended up purchasing two books: Last Minute Patchwook + Quilted Gifts by Joelle Hoverson and Printing by Hand by Lena Corwin. The latter of the two really does not have anything to do with this project unless I end up making some of my own fabric. As I looked through all the books I would think if the pattern were appropriate for photos integration. I was specifically inspired by a quilt by Joelle that is a solid fabric with a pattern running along the botton with little squares, maybe I could have the images peaking through, as a foundation. More to think about. I also got an inspiration about the stitching but this will just have to wait.


  1. I had no idea that you were in possession of such an amazing heirloom. My heavens, I want to see! I promise I won't sneeze on it!

  2. funny story, when Art and I got engaged, my sister-in-law took me aside at our engagement party and said, "ask for the family quilt, what ever you do." I did not know we had one. It is unfinished, meaning it is only the front panel, it has stains but I really love it. this year for "spring" i wanted to hang it on the wall over the stairs but never did so I just hung it over the railing.