Monday, October 12, 2009

for Sydney + Sean + Jack + Cable + Quinn

Here is your clue....I was thinking of you while at Sherando Lake. Send photos and I'll post your hunt! I have a photo of me in the act I will post later. Have a glorious time camping. On Sunday you should return home via the Blue Ridge Parkway, the Pioneer Village had music and activities. I can give you a short-cut from the lake. 

if any one is lost, here is Sydney's comment on previous post:
Sydney said...
Jan, we're going on a camping trip to Sherando Lake next weekend, Oct. 17 & 18. Will you please leave me a hidden note somewhere there? And a clue where to find it? I'm not kidding; it would make me so happy to walk into the beautiful, old CCC shelter from 1936 and find a message from you. Ooo! Ooo! Take a picture of the hiding spot and let that be the clue!


  1. Oh my gosh! That clue tempts me SO! I want to be there now now NOW!

  2. But terror strikes... please check the weather forecast for Waynesboro this weekend and cross your fingers.

    High of 46
    Low of 32
    + RAIN

    There is much clucking and worrying amongst the six parents and nine children who have their sights set on Sherando...

  3. oh honey - we returned to rain here and it is miserable. i'm sending you blue skies and the blaze of glory. fingers crossed on this coast - maybe I have some pull back there using my "local" card.

  4. I love Sherando Lake!!

  5. So all our crossed fingers and high hopes didn't make the bad weather retreat. It rained hard across the entire state. Is my love note somewhat protected from the elements? Is it wedged-in good? Might it still be there on that wistful day when we are able to finally return to Sherando Lake?

  6. The note will be but the "treasure" may be waterlogged but that's okay, I just hope you get there Sydney.

    Heather, I too love it! I think I appreciate it more now that I live further than 15 minutes away.

  7. oh sydney I can only hope the note will be waiting, it's not too imaginative in content but the thought was there for you. The children expressed concern this weekend that the "treasure" will be wet, we have our fingers crossed for you.