Wednesday, October 07, 2009

off to Virginia tomorrow

I'm procrastinating packing by up-dating the blog. I leave on a 7:30 am flight to DC then catch a flight to the Shenendoah 2.5 hours later. Me, alone on a plane, visiting my parents and family, how luxurious. I've packed video camera, film body, new digi point n shoot but not a lick of clothing yet. My sister and father both told me today that the leaves are turning, I am so excited. I don't expect the peak blaze of glory but any color will be send me in to a fit of joy. I'll take the parents out to Sherando Lake to see the colors. I won't write while away but will catch up with you next week. Happy Columbus Day weekend.

I wont' see the children tomorrow or for the next 4 days. I gave them the cutest little hedgehog stuffy tonight they were thrilled with their new woodland friends. I will also place a wooden Native Indian figure in their nature setup by their beds to surprise them. I'm not one to give my children toys and gifts out of season but I just had to spoil them as I leave for my journey. They're going to have fun with their Dadda this weekend.

UPDATE:  I did not pack any BLACK!  My suitcase is an autumnal explosion of yellow, brown and orange,well one safety grey outfit....ooooo fun, except, Eva is still up, too excited to sleep, listening to my goings-on.

another update: I have no sock, I finally found a pair of Art's that match, sorry honey, they're mine. I must go to Target in VA.

final update and note to self - DO NOT CUT BANGS AT 9:30 pm before trip!

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  1. Jan, we're going on a camping trip to Sherando Lake next weekend, Oct. 17 & 18. Will you please leave me a hidden note somewhere there? And a clue where to find it? I'm not kidding; it would make me so happy to walk into the beautiful, old CCC shelter from 1936 and find a message from you.
    Ooo! Ooo! Take a picture of the hiding spot and let that be the clue!