Friday, October 02, 2009

hello autumn?

This morning, October 2 was a had my mood turned upside-down. I was talking with Art this morning about how disconnected I feel from the autumn season. This has always been my favorite time of year and for the last 14 years California has me stumped, I can see the suttle changes of light and air and I follow along with the seasonal activities but I am programed for a big switch that is a clear break from summer. I was looking at the photos on soulemama blog of the leaves, apples and woolens after having an inside-intensive week, albeit my choosing, and and even crazier week in the car. I could rant on about the crazy drivers I encounterd but will only mention that in one day, less than two hours apart, I saw two people almost hit in cross walks right in front of me, one a pregnant lady. Anyway, I was weepy this morning and my sweet husband did his best to console me, mostly by reminding my I'd be in Virginia NEXT week, ooo I need to write an entry about this. I did what always lights a fire under my feet, I started cleaning the house, and beginning in the children's room.  I was inspired all of a sudden to make a nature table on top of their little drawer cabinet Santa gave them last year for their treasures. I used to have a big one over their book case but was tired of how it grew and thought this contained spaces would be perfect. I cleared off their random treasures on the top and did the Waldorf method of placing a seasonal colored cloth as the "stage" - Eli's orange and Eva's yellow. I picked apples from our tree, which made me feel better, and cut some leaves from felt. I scattered some small leaves but plan to gradually add more as the season progresses. Who need real leaves? I was inspired to make a make-shift tee pee from a dead branch from two Easters ago I've yet to remove from our deck. All of a sudden I was in a flurry making these mini tee pees. If I'd known how cute they'd turn out, I would have taken my time, instead I was radomly cutting crazy-shaped triangles from the cloth, quickly stitching the sides. Anyway, the children were both pleased with their seasonal space and I felt a calm come over me, the kitchen remained a mess but who cares, NOT ME.


  1. I've been home for a couple of days, partly because I have a ridiculous case of laryngitis and until today, couldn't speak above a whisper (why I haven't returned your phone call yet). Fortunately, I retrieved my work messages from home, and heard about your upcoming trip! Otherwise, can you imagine me choking on my chamomile tea if I had read it here first?! I'm very excited for you, and wish I could see you. Please give my warmest wishes to your parents. I will call you as soon as my rasp is intelligible!

  2. When was the last time you were in the Virginia mountains in October?! I am so so so happy about this!!

  3. sydney it was when I came back for out mini-baby shower and reunion in Wake + camping, 13 years ago. I'm sure I'll miss the leaves peak but PLEASE put a good word in for a frost so I can see some splendor. I'm so giddy with anticipation of this trip.