Thursday, October 01, 2009

drying fabric

Because I do not know how to quilt (and am planning on doing so soon for The Project) I decided to make each of the children a pencil case from Last-minute Patchwork + Quilting. The concept is to take a 24 piece colored pencil set and match a hue of the color in the fabric to the pencil. I went to through all of my fabrics (remnants + two great pieces I got at the dump last week that are basically unfinished dresses) and had fun going to Discount Fabric to choose inexpensive others. There were a few  nice selections but no Heather Baily, Heather Ross, I like working with what I have. After my failed errand to Pea Pod Fabrics which is NEVER opened when the children are in school, I thought discount sounded GOOD. I was surprised when I go the cutting table and they would not cut below a 1/2 a yard. I quickly weeded out 4 fabrics and pretty much doubled my bill  (sorry Art) since I was used to another shop that will cut 1/8 a yard. Anyway, here they are drying, a beautiful site. I love that I now a a prism of color in my stash.

I've started cutting the strips and am not sure how well my selections are going to work together. This entire process is great practice for a quilt. It's more fun doing this on a budget, it'd be so much easier to go out and purchase the BEST fabrics. I was tempted but good sense got hold of me. Kind of funny, I've not even purchased the pencil sets yet, I need to do this before I finalize my design.

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