Monday, November 09, 2009

my obsession realized

when I get hot on a topic I'm hard to disuade. I'm so tired of being in my car all the time, it's the bain of my uban existance commuting across town to school. I look longingly at the parents who arrive with their children upon their bikes, for the  most part they have one child with the exception of Denis who first brought Etta and Oliver in a Dutch delivery bike with a big wooden boat-like structure all last year and up-graded this year to  a triple tandem. after cruising the city looking at family bike options, I decided that the cargo bike with some tweaking would be a welcomed addition in my life. I cornered Dave, a parent + bike shop owner, at stella/violet's party pumping him for info, read every blog covering the types of bikes, dragged my family to Marin to test ride the Xtracycle/Radish and finally to Santa Clara to tryout and home victorious with the sweetest bike ever, a Kona Ute. we've names her pumpkin due to the orange color. I had a fella at Freewheel Bikes help me design and install a handle bar to the back for a child to hold on to, feel comfortable with one passenger and hope to add another child some day to the spacious back. I have big dreams of riding to school the 4 + miles up and down SF hills (making children walk up!) but it'll take me a while to get there. Today we rode to ballet class in Noe with Eli riding next to me and Eva on the back, bringing home two bags of groceries. it is so liberating being out of the car. I heed the warnings of how dangerous this is, play it safe and slow and pray that we stay out of harms way. I'll let you know when I make it beyond Noe with passengers! will post photos soon too.

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  1. omigoodnessgracious! You are going to be so exhilerated with your new bike life! Really, my happiest moments come when my whole family is steaming along on their own power through gorgeous farmland on some old railroad bed. I want to do this with all of you some day.