Monday, November 09, 2009

why am I bloggin? I've got so much to do....

This is hands-down avoidance, procrastination taken to the limits. we just returned from a swell family trip to Venice Beach, will blog about this later, and I am clearly avoiding the to-list that is waiting for me. Neema + Sameer and later Tim, will be staying Leslie's apartment downstairs for about two weeks, I've already broken the news my home-improvement list will not happen. I need to grocery shop, cook, unpack our bags, ready the lunches for school, pick up the odd piles of collected "life objects" around the apartment but I can't do it. Eli's birthday is now only just over 2 days away, I need to get on his tee pee, finish the birthday banner, shop for present from my mom, think about cake ....alas, here I sit with you. well the least I can do is the evenings dishes and then get to work cutting out the panels for the tee pee, funny how just writing it down get's me motivated to move on. oh, I'm going to put on my fabulous new slippers that were waiting for me today from Sydney. Thank you!!!


  1. It's true-- writing it down can be energizing. I'm also trying to learn from you to recognize and savor the small, and not-so-small stuff that I manage to accomplish during the chaos of any given day. Things are getting done every minute, even if they weren't the things written down.

    But Jan! I literally clap my hands with glee to see you realizing the Big Dream items like a beautiful workspace, and a beautiful new bicycle. Both so useful, and inspiring, and important.

    After you've gotten groceries, and made lunches, and finished a birthday banner, take a load off and put your feet into some sari slippers. I'm so glad they arrived for a weary day!

  2. yeah sydney, I'm ready to truly "spin my wheels." oh we will ride together some day my friend, we will. we had the best time this weekend riding from Venice Beach to Santa Monica and back, such the perfect family time. we need to put our heads together and think big...Italy, France, Virginia?