Sunday, December 13, 2009

Eve of Eva's 7th birthday

I'd been planning Eva's birthday present for months I envisioned a "stage" between the living room/dining room complete with curtains with a lower curtain as a puppet theater option. With Thanksgiving and guests I was muchly delayed on getting started on the curtains, even purchasing the material. Finally less than a week before the big day I went to a thrift store on Valencia Street where I'd seen velvet curtains in the window, I mean every stage needs velvet curtains right? Well as it turns out there were no set of curtains only vintage single curtains sold by the pound, when I took three panels up it was going to be $78! so I mixed it up a bit, got a few pretty damask panels and one velvet panel that I'd cut in to strips and make them a patchwork. It was fun to work on them the next day with Ro in the studio, she offered solid advice and I went to town cutting strips, sewing, ripping, resewing only to rip out yet again. 

Here it is on the eve of my girls birthday I had so much to do, plan the craft for her two friends, finish the curtains, sew the "girl" portion of her banner like the one for Eli's, finish the little ginger bread petit fours for her class, and decorate the table in birthday fashion. As I tucked Eva into bed, she looked at me, biting her nails, saying," I hope you're making a set-up for me because I'll be very disappointed if you don't, I'm nervous that you won't." I reassured her that of course I would. The moment I left my head was spinning with oh no, she's going to be so disappointed when she comes out and only sees a curtain, I have no props for her. I mean we are so much a like that Eva's love of flare and drama matched my desire to perform and create a mood, giving me license to go over the top!I went to work on her curtains and banner, finishing around 11pm. The curtains are of a crude construction but will serve her and help secure the space for guests in the future with a bit of privacy. As I mediated on my girl, it came to me, I went back to an email by a story-teller, found her winter story and designed a Waldorf-type puppet show around the theme of the blue slippers with silver stars, complete with little slippers I needle felted. I set up chairs and had the performance space ready. So here at 1:00am I think of my girl.

Dear Eva,

I hope you are not disappointed tomorrow. I love your vision, your enthusiasm and your strong voice. As I sit and think of you I can hardly lament on the little girl I've left behind because in front of me I see the girl that will be with me for the rest of my life, grateful, strong, enthusiastic, determined, polite, did we get here so soon?

I love you in first grade. There is no more pressure to find someone to play with, you are part of a large group and you are working through things harmoniously. Seeing you immerced in letters is a blessing, from writing then on your back, to hearing you sound out the alphabet, I know the words will soon come in to focus for you and look forward experiencing your journey.

I love my sweet dooby doo. Happy 7!



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  1. I love seven. It's one of those absolutely perfect ages. I'm sad that my youngest child is seven, and I'm experiencing it for the last time.