Sunday, December 13, 2009

child born of rain

Saturday before Eva's birthday I had to run some errands, there is nothing worse than running Saturday errands except running them in the rain; the parking, the poor driving, the sour attitudes. I got a sparkle in my eye when I pulled Pumpkin in to my vision of commuting around our part of the city. I pulled out my snow pants and found a raincoat and was ready to head off when Eva asked if she could join me. Why of course, no one loves rain more than my girl. The first rain storm of the year found her sitting down in the largest puddle on the playyard, wicking the water under her rain suit, leaving her wet up to her neck. Here are examples of my girl in rain one in Virginia at Graves Mt. Lodge and the other at friend's place in Novaro...(.the next time I looked out, she was naked on the tramplene, outlasting the three boys.)  We headed out in a torrent of drops, the pitter patter on the helmet sounded like that on a standing seam roof.  We took our time, stopping for lunch and a quick visit at a Holiday Bazaar of some Mission artistist - if I'd only had money. We returned home satisfied with our time out and about.

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