Thursday, December 24, 2009

First Christmas Eva in San Francisco

This was our first Christmas in San Francisco as a family. After Mom + Dad moved out of their home to Summit Square, going back toVA was looking different for me but I was willing to give it a try.After our visit this past summer Eva declared when we got home that she wanted to celebrate in SF this year. I was not sure but let it sit for the fall. I'm not ready to give up winter visits so we'd go after New Years. Our house is busy, like everyone's from Halloween through the new year, adding E+E's birthdays in there has me stepping up to "create" a new vision for every occasion, yes, I know that's my own fault. I could scale it down but would that be fun? I want to provide memories of the feeling, the sounds, the homemade love, not so much the presents but the thoughtfulness of the holiday. I tried this year to keep it in check, not letting it all take over which meant a few long nights of sewing instead of dragging it on and on. Art is a trooper but I know he tires of the sound of the machine long in to the night. I also missed just sitting around the tree sipping cider. Next year.

This year we took off on the 24th  on B.A.R.T. to the Embarcadero to see the snow villages in the Hilton, see the ice skaters, shop for food at the Ferry Building Marketplace and a few bits of last minute shoppping. This was our second year at the Hilton, the lobby is so festive with the gigantic miniature village covering the same square footage of our house. The mood in the Bender family was a bit more subdubed, I wonder how long this will remain a tradition. I'm thinking we'll keep going for a few more years at least, if not to at least ride the elevator up and down to the 11th floor, I even love this.

After a quick cold picnic outside with tasty salami sandwiches, we headed past the ice skating rink to the Ferry Plaza. As we passed, a woman gave the children a candy and invited them to see Santa. They each got a card and off we went. I made a comment to Art about the sign asking for donations to have photo taken with Santa. I did not hear this but evidently Eva wanted to know what I was saying, Art told her about the man wanting money. Poor sweet Eva, she went hysterical and started saying, "I want to go home." Once in the Ferry Building, I finally got it out of her that she was embarrassed because she'd told that man pretending to be Santa what she wanted for Christmas, she was looking around the room so distrusting of the people.I was so sad for her. I hugged her over and over and told her he could have been the real santa, I was not sure and just to look around us and see all the people happy to be celebrating Christmas together. She remained in the long line with me as I got the mussles for our dinner, she finally calmed down. I was heart broken as her innocence was shattered. I'm not certain it was for keeps, she picked up later and became enthusiastic,especially after her macaroon from Miette Bakery. We got bread from Acme, 24 oysters and were ready to head home.

I'm not up to telling another key event from this day,another posting. I will share that Uncle Randy arrived from L.A. David, Naomi, Leon and Marcel came for our dinner of raw oysters with Champagne-Vinegar Mingnonette, steamed mussels with orange fennel and garlic, and two delicious varieties of ravioli (ricotta/spinach, pumpkin) from a local shop. After some stories around the Christmas tree, E + E were ready for bed after a long day, they were asleep by 7:30.

Santa finished wrapping and installing by 10:30 much to my surprise.

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