Wednesday, December 23, 2009

December 23rd and quilted pencil bags are finished

I started this project as an exercise, oh so long ago, as learning process for quilting seeing how I'd match color/pattern of fabric, read instructions, measure/cut properly (not my skill), and crossed my fingers hoping the children would like the final product. I also made the little bag for the block crayons as Eva chides me that the few that we have are limiting her practice work for school. Last week I asked Eva if there was anything she really wanted for Christmas and she said she had a pencil bag at school but not at home - HOORAY - I was on the right track. I took the children to Discount Fabric and let them choose their own chording, not knowing what it was for, they'll be able to identify their own bag. This will be a whole assortment including big drawing boards from Flax,watercolor pencils to share and the block crayons to share.


  1. I think I was asking whether the kids appreciate the handmade stuff you lovingly make for them. You have put so much thought into it, and time, they look beautiful!

    So...what was their reaction?

  2. should I amend what I said? I do feel lucky that the kids LOVE that I make them things, I'll eat this up while I can. They loved it..I'll write about that soon. they've also turned out to be GREAT for traveling, keeps pencils together instead of rolling around the floor of the plane.


  3. no no don't amend. that wasn't what i meant!!!

    so glad to hear they loved them and that they were useful too.
    sameer chose to drop all his crayons/tiny trucks/snacks on the floor of the plane so perhaps i need a better caddy for next time?

    talk to you.

  4. speaking of caddy, I wish I'd taken a photo of e+e walking through the airport sporting the bags you made them, they looked so adorable and so OLD!