Monday, December 21, 2009

now the little elves are asleep more work begins....

  • blanket for my dad made from wool samples I found at S.C.R.A.P. ( with Neema - just sewed on the beautiful felted wool trim I purchased and now need to add the red blanket wool to the back - NEXT WEEK, I need to make a move on the SF presents...
  • finally got the outside material for the pencil case, I've really dragged my heels on this one. I got a beautiful dark/oatmeal linen from Peapod Frabrics.  Neema and I considered black linen. I left the chording at the studio so I'll pick it up tomorrow.
  • making a little bag following a drawstring jewelry bag I own, this will hold the children's block crayons to complete their ART EXTRAVAGANZA from us.
good night...I'm not sewing tomorrow night, will be caroling with the neighbors. we'll see if I get inspired post-eggnog.

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