Saturday, December 12, 2009

ode to jillian - advent + soft trees

it's so nice to have a crafty mama to talk with at school and that's my friend Jillian. thanks to her my holiday has some new additions, some better executed than others. the first one is our advent calendar. she showed me an image on her iphone from I already had the Ikea frame, went with Shu Shu to Flax and picked up some paper, cute little envelopes and some snowflakes stickers. the concept was the children would open an envelope each day and we'd hang the snowflakes in the door frames. someone suggested I use these glue dots as an adhesive, well they did not work, by the first morning half the envelopes were on the floor and each morning I have to reattache a few, tape helps. I think this concept works better for older children, my little munchkins need to open something and still have it there in front of them. Jillian, if you're reading this, Cole and Seb would love this!

the stuffed tree project came from little birds as well. I used them for Eva's birthday craft, using a nice canvas top and some holiday print Eva picked out with green, yellow, white buttons. I love the fuzzy trees on the website and would love to try some next year.

Here's to you Jillian - crafter-mama

ps - plus use wool stuffing, the polly does not shape and they are a little topsey turvy.

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