Friday, January 08, 2010

Chocolate, Pumpkin, Bi-Rite therapy

Re-entry is always tough for me;I miss the holiday, sort of, I miss the children, really, I miss Virginia, why not, and then I come back sick, ready to clean/unpack alone. After my two-day marathon of house-readiness, really I mean it was not even at a functioning level, I was blue on Friday, not too bad but a fact. Things took a turn for the better when Naomi called and she came over for a quick cup of chocolate. This was not just hot chocolate but the most amazingly, creamy batch of goodness that she gave us for Christmas, Mariebelle from New York. I then hatched a plan all high on caffine that what I needed  was time on Pumpkin, even with a cold. How did I know? It all came together the minute I turned out of the garage on to Randall Street, even as a few rain drops started falling, I could not be stopped. After a nice grocery shop at an uncrowded Bi-Rite grocery, I rode home with contents to make beef stew in tow. Good bye blues.


  1. Oh yes, I can see the brown Mariebelle can of Aztec hot chocolate, with the blue diamond. So good, that stuff. I'm glad it fixed the blues like it's supposed to.

  2. isn't it a lovely can? i've had to back off, I found myself wanting a cup on saturday, sunday I had to say NO!