Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I'm in the mood for Valentine's Day

I pulled out the box of Valentine's decorations today. I love setting up on the mantle the old Valentines cards my maternal grandmother Edna left me, she knew I was the sentimental one in the family. I could not find two post cards from my grandfather Edward Elias to my grandmother. He had to leave Maryland during the Depression and went to work in Idaho on a farm. He sent her a Valentine's card and then posted one the next day, one was not enough. I placed the beautiful cards we made at Susan and Stella's last year below on the hearth, I love seeing the new and old together. Over Christmas, there was yet another opportunity to go through the stuff at my parents house. Each time I go home, I think this it, I'm willing to part with the garage full of items that filled my home as a child. However, each time there is a new opportunity to review the items, and of course one previously overlooked will stand out. This time I could not live without an old vase that used to be stored under the counter of the laundry room where I used to hide and play. It must have come from a Valentine's bouquet sent to my parents long before I was born. It looked so inviting to me on the garage shelf, I just had to stow it in my suitcase.

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