Thursday, January 28, 2010

busy times around here

Our dining room has been the central dumping ground + major hub of creative energy  = mess, mess on top of mess. I've been avoiding this room for weeks. Today was the day, with me on coffee to boot (Art calls me Jan-squared in this state.) In the four hours I was home I was all over the place, one minute weeding the toy corner, next researching felt to make baskets, photographing the chidren's art tables, sewing kercheifs, making and installing new hangings for Eva's bedroom wall (inspired by Amanda Soule), cleaning off my desk, sewing a holder for Eli's View-master reels, gazing at the snowflake shadows that were visiblein our kitchen on our first day of sunshine, setting up a mushroom still-life with Eva's new beeswax sculpture, sweeping and all while having bursts of new ideas filling my head. It felt good. I'm a little shakey from the coffee this evening but I just love a day like this, and anyone who knows me knows I need these adrenolin rushes to keep me going.

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