Friday, January 29, 2010

Pumpkin photo shoot

At the request of my college friends back East, Sydney + Kara, I got some photos of pumpkin + me, not in action but you'll get the gist. Today, I was riding down Valencia Street on the way to school, the first of the 5 miles, and I heard, " JAN!" and who did I see but my honey waiting for a friend outside of Big Mouth Burger, though I had to remind him we're having hamburgers tonight for dinner. Lucky meeting, as I'd just had a thought as the blue sky was drifting away behind the clouds that I had no rain gear for Eli who is already skeptical of our rides. Art gallantly offered his coat, sweet guy huh? I had him snap the first photo. Later when I got to school I naively offered for Eli to ride with Leon/Naomi thinking he'd not want to but he did, and yes my feelings were hurt. After some back and forth we decided he'd ride part-way to Duboce Street Cafe, we'd meet, have a steamed milk/biscotti treat and then I'd scoop up the little guy. I beat the car by a good 6 minutes probably on the parking curve. Anyway, while enjoying our treat, we thought it'd be fun in the future for Naomi meet me at 15th/Valencia for me to take both boys home on the bike path while she has a student, something to work up to. p.s. the sky was blue the entire ride home though it is storming right now! These photos bring a smile to my face just looking at them, they're a bit ridiculous but boy is it fun! I just had to include the final photo for contrast of my and Eli's face.


  1. So cute! I love it and am very impressed that you are biking all over SF! Go Jan, go!!

  2. Not often enough Kara but every time I do it, I want more.

  3. THANK Yooooooo!!!
    That hit the spot, and was exactly what I needed to complement the image I have in my mind's eye of you zipping around the city hills with a kid strapped to the back of your bike.

    And, as a bonus, Eli glugging milk! He might soon be ready to enter into a milk-drinking contest with me and Jack. Tell him to keep practicing. I remain the undisputed champ, but Jack is closing in...

  4. Come on, girl. I hate to put pressure on an artist, and God knows I love Pumpkin, but I check here every day and I'm ready for a new read and new pics.

    love you crazy...