Wednesday, September 30, 2009

good bye summer, con't

We had Italian Vegetable Stew for dinner tonight, from a recipe in this month's Gourmet.  The recipe matched the ingredients I had on hand and it seemed quick and easy. The bonus was how yummy it was. It may be the simplicity of the whole thing and the freshness of the end of summer veggies - don't know but I must have said yum too many times during dinner.


3 carrots, cut lengthwise and 1/4 inch slice

3 zucchini prepared the same
one or two red peppers
2 onions
24 oz tomatoes (was so lucky to use some the tomatoes from my canning gone wrong experiment - so yummy
heaping handful of green beans
3 boiling potatoes
1/2 c chicken broth

oops I wrote out the directions but did not save - if you want them, ask me!

I also took a lead from Bi-Rite and served this with Serrano Ham and Procuto wrapped figs....

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